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Get Involved

The Urban Hope Project relies on an army of wonderful, passionate volunteers. Not only are most local groups and programmes run by volunteers, but the majority of our local and national programmes, holidays and mission experiences are planned and staffed by them too.
Volunteers are our primary team players, working at the ‘sharp end’ to bring faith, hope and love to this generation. As a growing movement we are keen to find more volunteers who are willing to serve in the many roles we have available. We have volunteering opportunities to fit every skill set and lifestyle: from leading a weekly group to pitching tents for an annual holiday; from organizing events for young people to promoting The Urban Hope Project to local churches.The full list is probably endless, so here’s some suggestions in ways you can get involved.

Local Groups

There are over 40 counties and local community groups that would subscribe to Sortedlife! – why not get involved in week-to-week, relational youth and children’s work in your own community? Most of these groups would happily welcome brand new team members. so if you know that your community connects with The Urban Hope Project what are you waiting for..

Mission Trips

How about a one-off volunteering experience? You could join one of our Holiday teams. What about getting involved in one of our community projects or missions – bringing fun days and outreach services to Kenyan towns or building homes and schools in communities in other regions?

Regional/National Teams

Throughout the year, our local teams rely on volunteers like you to coordinate special events, organize residential and generally support and encourage groups and their leaders. Perhaps you have some special talents or skills that could make all the difference to your regional or national team? You can help once or twice a year or even become a key part of the team.

Become a Trustee

If you are really passionate about The Urban Hope Project and want to help shape the future direction and strategy of the movement, you might want to consider joining the Board of Trustees? Obviously, we don’t welcome just anybody on to the team, but if this is an area you would consider helping, please get in touch.

Churches & Events

If you are an enthusiastic communicator, you could help us spread the word to local churches about the mission and ministry of The Urban Hope Project. The best advocates for the movement are those who have seen the difference our resources, training and support can make for local groups and the children and young people they engage with.

Admin Support

Could you give a few spare hours to help your local The Urban Hope Project team or even the Nairobi Support Centre team? There are numerous administrative tasks, vital to the development of the movement and the running of our events and experiences – and you could make all the difference to the team.


Prayer is the heartbeat of our work and is pivotal to our growth and effectiveness. We need people who will regularly pray for the ministry, responding to specific prayer needs and asking God for His wisdom and direction for all aspects of the movement.

We also publish a prayer diary once a term, with daily prayer topics to include in your prayers and a list of groups subscribing to Sortedlife!, for your prayers too. This is available as a handy A5 booklet but also can be viewed on or downloaded to your computer. You can even follow Pray4youth on Twitter so that you can pray on the go, with prayer prompts coming straight to your smartphone or tablet!

Our regional and national teams also provide prayer updates so that you can pray for the work of The Urban Hope Project near you. This is a great way to feel connected with what is happening just around the corner from you. Visit your region / nation’s page and get in touch with their team to find out more about how you can support them in prayer. It would encourage and bless them massively – who knows you might even get to meet some of the very young people you’ve been praying for?